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Swimming Pool Shell

If you have chosen to include a swimming pool with your new home, this will be the starting point of the construction process. At this point of the build, we have maximum space and freedom of movement for our excavators, trucks, concrete pumps and other bulky machines and equipment.

Our surveyors will locate and peg the position of the swimming pool in accordance with the architectural drawings.

Surveyor Set-Out - Custom Homes
Pool Excavation - Custom Homes

After the location is marked and set-out, the excavator will commence digging and shaping. The excess soil will be removed from site.

When the excavation is complete, our sub-contractors specialising in swimming pool construction will build the boxing around the perimeter, place the reinforcing steel in accordance with the engineering design, install the plumbing and electrical conduits, and any other required components. At this point, a registered professional engineer will inspect the reinforcing steel and other crucial structural components.

Pool Reinforcing Steel - Custom Homes
Swimming Pool Shell - Custom Homes

When the engineering approval is granted, we are ready to spray and shape the concrete. A specialised concrete spraying pump is used and the final form of your swimming pool will start to take shape. After a few hours, the pool shell is complete!

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