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Stages of Construction

Hamptons Style Home - Line and From Cons

At Line and Form, our construction process is developed around you! This means that while we aim to follow the traditional stages of construction, we are flexible around you and the needs of your custom home. 


Each and every home that we build is unique in its own way, and the construction process for every home can vary depending on the requirements of the home, the requirements of the site and the requirements of our clients.


We take our lead from you and what you want to achieve to ensure you are getting the best experience you possibly can with your custom home build, and of course, the home of your dreams at the end. 


Whether you have your own block of land with plans already drawn up and just need a builder. Or you are starting with a dream and need guidance with absolutely everything right from the beginning, we are here to help. 


While building a house follows a standard process, we are adaptable to your needs to ensure the absolute best end result is achieved. 


With complete communication and full transparency, you will be an integral part of the construction process from the very beginning. You will be kept informed about everything that is taking place on-site at all times and will be provided with site photos and information at each and every step. Because building your dream home is not only about the destination, it’s also about the journey along the way.

Stages of Construction - The Consultation Process

Our Consultation process is fairly straight-forward and designed specifically for us to get to know you, what you want to achieve with your home and where you are at in the process. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know us as well, get a feel for how we operate and learn about what you can expect when engaging Line and Form Construction as your custom home builder. 


Once you have booked a consultation we will arrange a time to sit down with you, your partner and your family to run through your plans, dreams and ideas for your home. If you have a site already, we would ideally like to meet you there so that we can get a feel for the land and the canvas we have to work with. 


Our initial consultation will be a time when you can share with us your grand visions for your home. It will also be a time when you can ask us as many questions as necessary about our business processes, our building process and the construction of your new home. This is a great opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns you may have. 


We appreciate that building a custom home is a big investment and for many, this will be your forever home. So, we consider our first consultation together the first foundation we set in place to build strong communication channels and an open and transparent relationship.


We believe that building strong relationships with our clients from day one is key to achieving the ultimate success with the project overall. 


Ready to book your obligation free consultation?

Modern Kitchen - Line and Form Construct

Stages of Construction - The Design + Planning Process

Every beautiful custom built home starts with a vision, a strong design and a clear plan. The design and planning process will help to establish where you are with your vision, design and plans.


You may already have designs and plans in place for your new home and are simply looking for a builder. Or you may only have a vision at this stage and need advice and guidance to develop this vision into a home design. No matter what stage you are in with your design and planning, we can help move you through to the next stage. 


Click through to read more about the design and planning process

Stages of Construction - Building Your New Home

When it comes time to construct your new custom built home, you can breathe easy knowing you are in good hands. 


At Line and Form Custom Homes, we strive to achieve the best results in everything we do. We stand behind our workmanship to deliver you a home of the highest quality. A home that will stand the test of time. A home that can be loved and enjoyed through the generations. 


Building your dream home is not just about the end result, it is about the journey you take to get there. And just like our workmanship, we aim to provide exceptional customer service with open communication, regular updates and client inclusion into the building process. 


We believe that building custom homes is not just about arriving at the destination, but also enjoying the experience of creating your own home each and every step of the way. 


Read more about building your custom home here

Master Bedroom - Line and Form Construct


Our service to you does not end the second we hand over the keys to your new home. Our customer service extends well beyond practical completion. 


As you settle into your new life in your new home, you may find some quirks or issues that weren’t picked up at handover. Sometimes, a little use may show up an issue. This is why we extend our warranty period well beyond the recommended time frame. 


Our custom home maintenance follow-up service will ensure you, our clients, are completely happy with your investment long after construction has been completed.


Find out more about our custom home maintenance service here

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