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Knock Down Rebuild - Custom Homes Brisba

Knock Down + Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild - One Step Closer to Your Dream Home

Found the perfect block in the ideal location but there is already a house on it? Why not consider a knock down and rebuild? As land becomes scarcer in and around Brisbane, many home-owners are weighing up their options to renovate, extend or remove the existing house so they can build their dream home from scratch.


If you are considering a knock down rebuild option, we can help you with this. We will inspect your site and provide you with all your options in relation to removing existing structures, relocating existing services and transforming your ideal block of land into the home of your dreams. 

The Knock Down Rebuild Process

Unlike building on a standard empty block of land, the knock down rebuild process takes a few extra steps, but the benefits can be well worth it. 


When undertaking a demolition on a site, we’ll assess the existing home and weigh up the options to demolish completely or remove the existing home to be relocated elsewhere. This leaves us with a blank canvas to work with and a wide range of opportunities!

The Advantages of Removing an Old Structure to Rebuild Your Dream Home

The advantages of a knock down rebuild in Brisbane are numerous. Some of these advantages include: 


  • You can build your ideal home in the location that you love. 

  • You are within an established community with good schools and amenities

  • You can avoid the fees involved with selling and moving if you already own the existing home

  • You can build a home that is more energy efficient, smart and better suited to the site

  • You are getting exactly what you want rather than a renovation that tries to adapt the existing home to your needs.

  • The knock down rebuild costs can often be more accurate than any quoted price for a renovation.

Speak to us today about knock down rebuild costs and the steps required to make your dream custom built home a reality.

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