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Custom Home Designs + Planning Your Dream Home

The beauty of custom home designs and the planning process is that every single journey is different. And this is why it is important to engage a specialised custom home builder to complete your custom home build. Unlike volume builders, we take the time to guide you through the process from the very beginning, making sure all bases are covered and you are getting a bespoke experience from day one! 


We will guide you through the process of acquiring the perfect site, designing the ideal home and bringing that home to life through quality craftsmanship.

Wet grass

Land Acquisition

If you haven’t already secured a site for your perfect home, we can help you with the process. It’s important to be diligent when looking for the right block for your home. The land that you choose will play an integral part in your home design, and if you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve, then it’s important to find the right block of land. 


Brisbane house blocks can vary greatly in size, shape and slope, and while we love a challenging site, we love to see the overall vision for your custom home come to life more! With this in mind, we recommend taking the following considerations into account when looking for the right block of land:  


  • Frontage

  • Slope

  • Shape

  • Location of services

  • Soil conditions

  • Local council overlays

  • Easements

  • Covenants

  • Design of neighbouring properties


Need feedback on a block of land before you buy? Call us for an obligation free consultation to discuss how these issues may affect your future home.

Construction Plans

Custom Home Designs

The next stage of the process, once you have a block of land secured, is to discuss your house plans. Most of our clients have engaged an architect for this stage or have already completed their design before approaching us. If this is the case for you, great! We have worked with numerous architects and architectural firms to make our clients vision come true.


If you haven’t engaged an architect or do not have a house design locked down, we can work with you and our partnered architects to create a unique design that encompasses all your must-haves alongside your nice to have features as well. 


We can advise on the perfect design and features that ensure your new home takes advantage of the latest technology, maximises aesthetics and minimises construction inefficiencies. All within your budget constraints. 


Once the architectural plans are completed, we will engage our partner engineers or your preferred engineer to commence the structural design process.

Flexibility is Our Strong Point

It is important to know that we are flexible during the design and planning stage. We are happy to tailor the pre-construction phase to your needs and will be guided by you as to whether you would like us to manage the entire process from start to finish, or would prefer to appoint us at the construction phase only. We are adaptable to your needs.

Construction Stage - Custom Built Homes

Custom Home Designs Stage Complete!

On to Construction

Once the preliminary process is complete and your custom home designs are in place, we will price up your project and provide you with a clear quote for the construction of your home. At this stage, all your construction plans will be provided to you along with your contract for signing. Once you have committed to the project, our office will lodge your plans with our partner building certifiers for approval and we will begin organising the construction of your home.

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