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Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Custom Built Homes + Smart Homes = Easy Living

Along with energy efficiency, we can also incorporate technology into our builds to create highly functional smart homes. 


What are smart homes?


A smart home is a home that has integrated components such as lighting, air conditioning, appliances, security systems and so on, which can be controlled remotely via voice control or with the use of a smart device.


The demand for Smart Homes is increasing year to year as the technology is becoming widely available and more affordable. And, when set-up correctly and seamlessly, a smart system should enhance the liveability of a home, improve security and most of all, be fun to use. 


These systems can vary greatly in complexity depending on the individual requirements and budget. It is best to start planning for your smart home during the design phase so that your desired outcomes can be achieved while minimising costs.


  • Operate lights throughout your home using voice control

  • Use your smart device to control your lights from anywhere in the world

  • Create the illusion of being home when on holiday


  • No need for keys! Your front door can be configured to unlock as you approach

  • Unlock and lock your home from anywhere in the world using your smart device

  • Never risk the security of your home by leaving the key under the doormat again

Smart Lock - Custom Homes

Security System

  • Monitor your home remotely with your smart device from anywhere in the world

  • Receive notifications to your smart device whenever movement is detected

  • Take advantage of two-way communication technology to warn any potential intruders that they are being watched and recorded

Security System - Custom Homes

Electrical Outlets

  • Operate electrical outlets remotely using your smart device

  • Never stress about the iron being left on again

  • Easily turn off devices and appliances when in stand-by mode or not in use

Air-Conditioning - Custom Homes


  • Operate your air-conditioning system from your smart device

  • 30 minutes from home? Turn on your system before you arrive so that your home is cool when you get there

  • Monitor your homes temperature and air-conditioners use remotely


  • Turn your television on and off using voice command

  • Play music anywhere in your house

  • Link your Spotify and Netflix accounts to your smart home system for customised playlists

Home Entertainment - Custom Homes

Voice Control

  • Integrate various components of your smart home with Google Home, Alexa or other systems

  • Control any integrated component from anywhere in your home

The Advantage of Building Smart Homes

The ultimate advantage of building custom built smart homes is that your home is future-proofed. Speak to us today about how we can incorporate smart home features into your home making it fit for the 21st century.  


Book a free consultation today to discuss what smart home features we can incorporate into your dream home.

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