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Split Level Homes + Small + Narrow Lots + Sloping Sites

Excavator - Small+Narrow+Sloping Sites

Faced with a challenging site that is small, narrow or sloping? Or looking to build a split level home? Line and Form Custom Homes can build your home to accommodate any site… No matter how challenging. 


As our population in South-East Queensland steadily increases, our living trends are changing. Denser living will become more common and the classic quarter-acre block with a 20-meter frontage will become a thing of the past. 


We are encountering residential land which is smaller, narrower, irregularly shaped, significantly sloping or all of the above. These types of sites demand greater design consideration, more supervision during construction and better communication between the builder and the homeowner. At Line and Form Custom Homes, we are highly experienced in these areas.


When working with a challenging site, if the right custom design is created that will complement the features of the site, a truly unique, liveable and beautiful home can be achieved.


Challenging sites are our speciality! 


We love a challenge and love even more to see the spectacular end results that can only be achieved when a custom built home is designed to perfectly embrace the qualities of the land it sits upon.

Challenging Site? Challenge Accepted!

At Line and Form Custom Homes, we are experienced in designing beautiful homes to fit challenging sites. We work with the land contours as much as possible, so your dream home fits seamlessly within the constraints of the site. 


We have worked with many small, narrow and sloping sites throughout Brisbane and can often turn a challenging site into an advantage. We are experienced in building split level homes, homes on stumps and other uniquely designed homes that have been perfectly adapted to fit small, narrow or sloping lots. 


As custom home specialists, we rise to the challenge that unique blocks bring and can talk you through the specific requirements that are involved with building on a challenging site. 


Split Level homes, Small Lots, Sloping Sites - We Can Work with Any Site

Do you have a small, narrow or sloping site? Or interested in split level homes? Let’s talk about how we can incorporate all your dream home features into a structure that fits seamlessly on your site like it was always meant to be there.

Thinking about building
your dream home?

Click on the link to download our 7 point guide

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Interested in learning more about the construction process on a sloping site?

Check out the video below where we explain how we dealt with an 8 meter slope on one of our recent projects.

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