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Insulation Installation

Energy Efficiency In Mind

Custom Built Homes + Energy Efficient Homes = Sustainable Living

Are you as passionate about energy efficient homes as we are? Sustainability and energy efficiency are part of our core values, and as a custom home builder, we will strive to build your home to be as energy efficient as possible.


The global trend has moved towards building sustainable communities, lowering carbon footprints and making our homes more energy efficient. At Line and Form Custom Homes, we have embraced this trend.


We believe that an energy efficient home should be an asset to the homeowner and a pleasure to live in while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. We can achieve this through a combination of intelligent design, carefully selected sustainable and energy efficient fixtures and materials, and rigorous project supervision to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.


Queensland has adopted the NatHERS (Nationwide house energy rating scheme) star rating system that rates the energy efficiency of a home between 0 and 10. The current minimum star rating for new homes in Queensland is six stars, and while it’s great to have a minimum requirement, we don’t feel this number is very ambitious. The more energy stars your home has the more you could potentially save on energy costs, the higher your resale value could be, and the higher the reduction in your carbon footprint. So, when building custom homes for our clients, we will always aim to exceed the minimum energy efficiency requirements.


How can you increase the NatHERS star rating of your home? There are hundreds of potential factors to take into consideration including design, local climate and construction methods.

Energy Efficient Homes - Common Energy Efficiency Considerations

  • Orientation of the building

  • Your chosen roof colour

  • External wall colours

  • External materials and finishes

  • Size and location of windows and other glazed elements

  • The quality of glass selection in your home

  • Any window shading

  • Insulation to your roof, ceilings, walls and garage.

  • Roof ventilation

  • Your chosen lighting

  • Ceiling fans

  • The energy efficiency rating of your kitchen appliances and air conditioning units

  • How your home energy is tracked

  • The type of hot water system that is selected

  • Solar power

  • Battery storage

  • Swimming pool heating efficiency

  • Swimming pool pump and filtration efficiency

  • Plumbing fixtures efficiency

  • Rainwater tanks and recycled water


Sustainability - Custom Homes

Through industry partnerships and relationships with key suppliers, we are able to produce energy efficient homes at an affordable price. 


Talk to us about the sustainability goals and energy efficiency plans you have for your custom built home. We are here to help!

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