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Custom Built Homes - The Construction of Your New Home

The construction stage is where the magic comes to life and your custom built home begins to take shape. Once your plans have been approved for construction, we will provide you with an estimated build timeline for your new home. 


Our team are highly experienced and dedicated to providing quality workmanship. You are in good hands. 


During the construction stage, you will be kept in the loop with regular updates, site images and progress reports. At all times, we are available to you to discuss any aspect of the project. Because we believe that when it comes to custom built homes, it is not just about arriving at the destination, but also enjoying the experience of building your own home each and every step of the way. 


The general construction process for a custom built home is shown below:


Swimming Pool Shell

If you have chosen to include a swimming pool with your new home, this will be the starting point of the construction process. At this point of the build, we have maximum space and freedom of movement for our excavators, trucks, concrete pumps and other bulky machines and equipment to dig out your pool and get the shell in place.

Foundations and Slab

After the swimming pool shell has been completed, we are ready for the building foundations and footings. The importance of this stage of the construction process cannot be overstated. It is the foundations that will ensure your home will stand the test of time and last for many decades to come. We pay particular attention to supervising every aspect of this stage to ensure that your new custom built home starts with strong foundations.

Part 1

Part 2

Sites with an unusually steep slope may require a split-level design or an elevated ground floor system. The site will be shaped and prepared accordingly. If retaining walls are required, they will be built at this stage as well.


The framing stage is an exciting stage of the construction process. This is when the building will very quickly start to take shape. It will start to take its place in the local setting and will begin to reveal how the structure will complement and enhance the neighbourhood. 


It’s at this stage where the rooms and spaces start taking shape and you will finally be able to get a feeling for the physical room size and the flow and liveability of your home.


Very quickly following the framing stage you will have your roof installed. This will include the guttering, fascia and roof insulation. This is the first major external finish to be installed on your home. From here your house design, colours and finishes will reveal themselves and how they work together to form the uniqueness of your home.


All your services… Electrical, plumbing, smart home wiring will then be installed. This step of the process is called rough In. At this stage, you will begin to see where your internal services will go within each room. It will show where your tapware will sit and where your power outlets will be located.

External Finishes

Around the same time as the rough-in is underway, we will start installation of the external finishes. This includes any cladding, brickwork, rendering, feature screening and more. When the external finishes are installed, your home will really begin to shine.

Internal Linings

External finishes are followed closely by the internal linings, which marks a major milestone in your home’s transformation. It means we have entered the home stretch and the tipping point from where your home transitions from a house under construction to a home that is approaching completion. 

Plasterboard sheets are installed, joints are set and cornices are installed at this stage. The internal spaces of your home will really start to show their dimensions and livability.


Coming Soon

And before you know it, the final stage of construction will be upon us… The fixing stage. This is when all the finishing touches will be added that completes the construction and makes your house functional. Cabinetry, floor coverings  and tapware is installed. Lights are set in place, painting is completed, and any other final touches finished off.

While the finishing touches are put in place on the inside, the finishing touches will be completed externally as well… Your landscaping, gardens, and ancillary items will also be installed. If you haven’t already, now would be the ideal time to start planning your furniture layouts and starting to gather the bespoke items that will decorate your home.

Practical Completion + Handover

When everything has been built and your house is ready to welcome you and your family home, then practical completion and handover will take place. This final process will incorporate a walkthrough of your home so you can inspect the workmanship and run through any appliance operations.

While at the same time this is occurring, we will be working behind the scenes with our certifier to ensure your home is signed off as complete with the relevant governing bodies and an occupation certificate is supplied. 

Once we have reached practical completion you will be presented with the keys to your new home along with details of our warranty obligations.

Coming Soon

A New Home Comes To Life

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