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Line + Form Custom Homes

Line and Form are specialist custom home builders based in Brisbane. We build homes that are luxurious, highly functional and fit for the 21st century. 


Our philosophy is simple… To build beautiful homes that our clients can enjoy for many years to come. This philosophy is ingrained with our desire to deliver outstanding customer service along with exceptional quality and value with each and every one of our projects. 


As Specialised custom home builders, we are experienced in building unique, luxurious and bespoke homes. Built for Queensland conditions with everything you have ever wanted in a home and more.


Guided by you, our client, we work alongside you to build your dream home. A home that encompasses the wants and needs of your family. A home that fits your block of land perfectly. A home that is admired, respected and envied. 


Don’t just choose any old builder! Choose a custom home builder that cares about the end result and your journey into your new custom built home.

As Specialist Custom Home Builders, We Can Help You With…

Planning and Design

Have a vision but not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Our planning and design service can help you get on the right path that leads to your new home. We can guide you on finding a suitable site, designing your new home to fit that site, and help in the process of undertaking the preliminary building approval stage so the construction of your home can start as quickly as possible.

Find out about our Planning and Design service

Knock Down + Rebuild

Love your location but have outgrown your home? Speak to us today about our knock down + rebuild options. We can walk you through the entire process of removing your existing dwelling, designing your dream home and turning that dream into a reality. New home in your favourite location… It is possible.

Read more about knock down rebuilds

Small + Narrow + Sloping Sites

Have a small, narrow, sloping or simply all-round challenging site? Challenge accepted! We can work with any site in and around Brisbane. As experienced custom home builders, we can make your dream home not only fit the site seamlessly but to make it look like it was simply meant to be. We can turn your difficult site into a unique advantage… Just ask us how!

See how we design split level and unique homes for challenging sites

Contact us, and let’s discuss your new custom home today

Thinking about building
your dream home?

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