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Foundations And Slab

We are now ready to start the ground works for your new home. The importance of this stage of the construction process cannot be overstated. It is the “foundation” that will ensure your home will stand the test of time and last for the many decades to come. We pay particular attention to supervision of every aspect of this stage to ensure that your new custom built home can endure the test of time.

Strip Footing - Custom Homes
Drott Cut And Fill - Custom Homes

If your site is sloping we will start with a “cut and fill” to create a flat and clean surface. Sites with an unusually steep slope may require a split-level design or an elevated ground floor system. The site will be shaped and prepared accordingly. If retaining walls are required, they will be built at this stage.

We are now ready to start building the foundations. This process can vary greatly depending on design and whether we are using a waffle pod or conventional system. Our surveyors will set out and peg the external points of the building. Using these reference points we will excavate the foundations. Our concretors will then place the reinforcing steel as per the engineering design and an engineering inspection will be organised. Once the go-ahead is obtained from the engineers we are ready to pour concrete!

Reinforcing Steel - Custom Homes
Under Slab Plumbing - Custom Homes

The foundations are now complete and a very important milestone has been reached. It is now time for our plumbers to install all the underground plumbing works, commonly known as “under-slab”. An excavator will again be needed to excavate and backfill the plumbers trenches. Once the plumbing is installed, and prior to the trenches being backfilled, a council plumbing inspector will be organised to check and approve that the work completed is in accordance with the approvals and relevant standards. The trenches are backfilled and we are now ready for the slab!

Our concretors now return to prepare the site for the slab pour. They will box the perimeter of the building envelope, shape the slab thickenings, install a vapour barrier and place the reinforcing steel in accordance with the engineering design. Any plumbing pipes penetrating the slab vertically, will be treated to protect against termite intrusion. An engineer will once again inspect the completed work and approve the slab for the concrete pour.

Slab Reinforcing - Custom Homes
Concrete Slab - Custom Homes

The slab pour is a big day. It is usually busy with many sub-contractors and machines on site. We believe it is crucial to carefully supervise this process as there is no room for mistakes or oversights. Once the concrete is poured an set, we have reached a major millstone in the construction process. We are now out of the ground and ready for the building to manifest into a three dimensional structure!

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